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Thermal Infrared Imaging Services

Sun City Electric Company Inc. has been in the electrical contracting business since 1959 and we have been certified in Infrared Thermography since 2000.  We are licensed and bonded in Texas and New Mexico.


Let us help you identify these problems before they jeopardize your safety and property.  Thermal Infrared Inspections are good preventive maintenance programs that can result in major savings.

Poor electrical connections can cause premature deterioration in the useful life of electrical equipment.  These pictures show evidence of a catastrophic failure which caused the business owners thousands of dollars in losses due to unscheduled downtime.


Our electrical services include but are not limited too:

Video courtesy of Flir.com. Our Infrared camera that we use for our inspections is a Flir camera.

*No free estimates for troubleshooting*

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Please be advised, during inspection if there are no problems found no pictures will be taken or provided in the report.  A report will still be given with a list of the equipment that was inspected.  The only pictures taken and submitted with the report are the ones with identified problems.

**Upon request prior to inspection pictures can be taken of all equipment.**

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